Outdoor spaces enrich our lives, whether it’s a family garden to get children playing outdoors, a water garden to attract wildlife or a garden in which to relax and entertain.

But can a well-designed garden with ‘wow’ factor add value to your house in the same way a kitchen or bathroom can? We compiled a survey for The Society of Garden Designers with property website Zoopla, to find out how much our love for good design extends to the outdoors.

That the British are obsessed with their homes is a truism and it turns out that we also remain a nation of garden lovers. The results showed that half of us believe that a well-designed garden is as important as a well-designed bathroom or kitchen and 47% admit that they would think twice about buying a house with a garden that was not up to par.

Meanwhile, the research also found that around three quarters of homeowners either already have or would consider spending money on their garden to increase the value of their property and that, on average, we would be willing to spend an extra £15,000 to buy a house with a garden.

40% of people also said they would consider employing a professional garden designer to help create their perfect garden which is great news for the garden design industry – while an interior designer will help create a beautiful house, having a beautiful garden makes a property come alive, adding value to your house as well as adding something special to your home.

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Images: Top: Garden by Jon Sims MSGD and Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims. Bottom: Garden by Charlotte Rowe MSGD